Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Daffyd's story

Daffyd had been at Axhayes for nearly six months now. Sadly Daffyd was left on our door step on St David’s Day, hence his Welsh name to honour this day. He is a very sweet and gentle boy and he has lots of love to give. He is popular with all of the staff and volunteers at the centre.

When Daffyd was abandoned that day, he was in a real state, very poorly and very thin. We knew something was wrong with him; he was quickly taken to our vets. He has been diagnosed with intestinal problems, which we have managed to get under control. He is on a special diet and on medication which may or may not continue. His medication may put some adopters off, however, he is an absolute star taking his medication. This medicine is sprinkled on to his food and he’s easy to pill too. We have managed to build up his weight, he is no longer skin and bone and he is looking much better. His fur is starting to look shiny; he is now a very handsome tabby cat.  

Daffyd has had a few adventures at Axhayes compared to some cats. During his stay on our holding section of the centre, he met thirty school children who came in for a tour of the cattery and had an educational talk. Daffyd was an absolute star with the children, he really liked the children stroking and making a fuss of him. As part of their school work, some of the children wrote stories about Daffyd too.    

During his time he was taught a special party trick by CCAs Anna and Diane, by doing high-fives. He will run over to you, sit in front of you and high-five with his front paws. On a number of occasions has enjoyed playing with catnip balls which have been handmade by our CCA Lynne. He loves to bat them around his pen and roll around on the floor. He’s really playful and full of energy.

Our CCAs are making sure they keep him as happy as they can, he can feel depressed now and again. We need to make sure he gets plenty of attention and doesn’t get too fed up and lonely. Like many of our long stayers, we do our best to give them some time away from their pen. We make sure Daffyd visits our outdoor playpen, so he can enjoy the fresh air and to lay in the sunshine. This has been a bit difficult with our British summer. When we have nice days, we make sure he gets a chance to go outside. He loves to sunbathe in the grass on sunny warm days. He loves visitors to the play pen too, some of our CCAs will sit in the sunshine with him, and he just loves the attention. He loves human company and he can become lonely so we need to make sure we spend lots of time with him. Many of our CCAs and volunteers have a soft spot for him, no one can resist spending quality time with him.

Daffyd is good with other cats, dogs and the children he has met at the centre. We are looking for someone to give him a home where he will be loved forever and will keep maintaining his medication. He is very good taking this medication. Daffyd would make a lovely companion and loving family member, if you would like to adopt him, please get in touch with us. Please call us on 01395 232377 or please visit our website for more information.

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  1. Daffyd's story part 2 - we adopted Daffyd 4 years ago and he is a completely different cat now. His hair has filled out and he is one of the fluffiest cats you ever did see. He adores Mummy and follows her everywhere. He does have a few odd habits, but they are all part of his specialness. He practices eating, especially when he's hungry. He loves to clutch and used to grab as well with his mouth, but we've managed to get him to bite blankey now, rather than mummy! We did have some teething problems to begin with but Daffyd has been a lovely addition to our home and it was well worth it!