Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cat Grass/Cocksfoot

Our CCA Michelle has been busy growing pots of cat grass for some of the cats at the centre this summer. Some cats like to chew grass, not only does it help to aid digestion but it helps them regurgitate hairballs that have accumulated in their stomach through grooming.

There is a type of grass that cats particularly like called Cocksfoot. It has long board leaves so it is easy for them to bite. If your cat cannot go outside, for example cats with FIV, Cocksfoot grass (dactylis glomerata) can be grown indoors. Some of our cats who have been with us for a few months now were given pots of cat grass in their pens, which they all liked to chew. You can buy seeds from garden centres, pet shops and from Cats Protection.

How to grow car grass

Cat grass/Cocksfoot can be grown indoors or in the average garden.

-          Fill your pot or container with potting soil, leaving a half-inch of room at the top of the pot. Make sure you use a pot or container with sufficient drainage so any surplus water does not accumulate.
-          Take a small handful of seeds and place them just below the surface of the potting soil. Make sure they are covered, but not planted too deep.
-          Water your pot every day until the grass shoots begin to appear, don’t water too much, just lightly dampen the soil.
-          Place the pots on a window sill or an area where the grass can obtain plenty of sunlight.
-          Allow the shoot to grow to a height of about 3 or 4 inches, and then place the pot where your cat can enjoy the tender shoots.

Allow your cat to graze for a day or two then take the grass away to allow it to grow back.

In the garden...

Cocksfoot grass can also be grown in the average garden. You will need to add a small quantity of complete fertiliser to the soil. Sow the seeds at any time if grown in the house, or during April or early September if in the open grown, providing the soil is not sticky. Cover the seed with fine soil to a depth of no more than a quarter of an inch. Seeds which are sown in the open should be protected by a plastic/glass cover until the grass is an inch high, especially if sown during cold weather. For more advice on growing cat grass/cocksfoot, please contact us.

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