Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer is here!

After weeks of rain, we finally have some sunny weather here in Exeter. Our cats and kittens are enjoying the warm sunshine. Our cats on the sunny side of the cattery have enjoyed lying in the sun.  

Bluebell and Foxglove are still waiting for a home, they were born here at Axhayes back in March 2012. These two are growing up fast. They are now 4 months old and they only know life at Axhayes. To help give them an idea of what a garden is like and what grass feels like under their feet, this afternoon CCAs Gemma and Christie took them out to the playpen outside. Our outside playpen was built a few years ago and is situated on the hill near to our maternity pens. It’s a great way for our cats to get some exercise, fresh air and for any potential adopters to spend time with them. If it’s the cats first time in the pen, we will stay with them to give them reassurance and make sure they are ok before we leave them alone and we come back to check on them lots.

Once Foxglove and Bluebell were inside the pen, we opened their basket, Bluebell was first out to explore her strange new surroundings and Foxglove soon followed her. They had fun exploring the pen, the tunnel, slide, tree stump and lots of toys scattered around the pen. They also listened out for the strange noises from the planes and birds flying over head. Bluebell decided she would try eating some grass while Foxglove was interested his refection in the water bowl. Foxglove loved hiding in the long grass, especially pouncing on an unsuspecting Bluebell. They both loved stalking in the long grass and pouncing on each other and the toys. After lots of play fighting and hunting practice, they enjoyed relaxing and sunbathing until they were taken back to their pen an hour later. 

We decided to take Morpheus and Trinity up to our outside playpen too, as they have not experienced the outdoors. Once we let them out of the basket, we stayed with them to see whether they were happy or terrified of the pen. Trinity was a bit hesitant at first, meowing and running back to us for reassurance. Morpheus was taking it all in his stride, they very quickly got used to the sounds and grass. They were soon running around the pen, pouncing on each other in the grass, play fighting and sunbathing in the afternoon sun. An hour later, we brought them back down to the centre just in time for their teatime.

Foxglove & Bluebell, Morpheus & Trinity are still looking for homes in a safe area. All of these kittens are very friendly, affectionate and very playful, they will make wonderful additions to a home. For more information please visit our official website at, thank you.

Foxglove and Bluebell have starred in their own film on our Youtube channel called “The Life of an Axhayes kitten” with their mum and other siblings. Please follow our facebook links to view their video.

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