Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Johnny Ray's story

We would like to introduce you to our adorable kitten Johnny Ray! Poor Johnny hasn’t had to best start in life, he was found in a graveyard all alone with no home to go to. Luckily for him, a kind cat-loving lady found him and contacted us. Our CCA’s Christie and Debbie went out in the van to rescue him and brought him back to Axhayes. He spent his first few days in a foster home with CCA Gemma, where he had a nice meal and warm comfy bed to sleep in. He then slept and slept and slept all evening in his pen. Even the Euro 2012 Football on the TV didn’t wake him up. Bless him!

During the next few days in his foster home, he was a very busy kitten, batting ping-pong balls around the laminate flooring, watching the football, enjoying a fuss (purring lots) and getting into a bit of mischief. Kittens will be kittens!

By the end of the week, Johnny Ray needed to see our vet, so he moved into a pen at Axhayes. Johnny is doing well at the centre, he is settling in to cattery life well, but what he really wants now is a family and a loving home. He’s now in our rehoming section with CCA’s Christie, Gemma, Debbie and Michelle caring for him. Johnny is quite a character; he’s very lively and very loving. He is a smashing little chap; he really wants someone who will love him forever.

Yesterday morning CCA Christie gave Johnny-Ray a fun new toy, which was a Christmas tree spring toy, with lots of toy balls hanging from it and a star on the top. He loved this toy! He was jumping on it, wresting with the toy and pouncing on the balls and mice. It kept him entertained for ages. Johnny Ray has had many visitors to his pen, he likes to climb on to peoples shoulders and look around. He was given a puzzle toy which Holly our work experience student made for him, he managed to find a few treats, but then wanted attention from Holly instead. Today Johnny has been very busy; he had lots of visitors at his pen including the CCA’s, our deputy manager Louise, our work experience girls and our cat cuddling volunteers. He had lots of cuddles, lots of shoulders to sit on, playing lots of games and some cat treats too.

He is a fabulous kitten with lots of love to give. He will make a wonderful addition to your home.
Johnny is currently up for adoption; please visit our website http://www.axhayes.cats.org.uk/axhayes/adopt-a-cat for more information about him.

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  1. We are pleased to announce Johnny Ray has been rehomed :)