Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Homing Update - 4th July

We’ve had a wonderful afternoon at Axhayes which was full of surprises!

Two of our famous four kittens (Their youtube video has over 140 hits to date) Dandelion and Violet have been rehomed this afternoon. We are so delighted somebody has finally chosen these two; the four of them are the friendliest kittens on our kitten corridor. They are always purring loudly and run over to greet you when you open their door. Their brother and sister Foxglove and Bluebell are still looking for a home. Dandelion and Violet had a quick cuddle with CCA’s Gemma and Debbie (who saw them being born a few months ago) before leaving the centre to their new home.  

More great news! Our loveable Persian Gertie has left the building too. She went down to our vets in Exeter for treatment today. While she was there Peter the manager there at our vets has fallen in love with her and has taken her home. Our Deputy manager Louise quoted “She has been adopted by one of the top vets in the ‘world’!” A very happy ending for our Gertie.

Tinkerbell was featured in our first post on our blog. Her kittens Peter Pan and Tiger Lily were rehomed very quickly. Tinkerbell found the move to the main building quite scary at first, she hid outside from everyone. CCA’s Christie, Debbie and Gemma spent lots of time encouraging her to come inside and showing her that everything is ok. Tinkerbell now loves being in her pen and showing off to the public by purring really loudly. She is a sweet loving cat, she’s very affectionate and has lots of love to give. 

If you would like to adopt Tinkerbell please contact us on 01395 232377 or please visit our website for more information about her   

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  1. oh no Gertie has gone! We were planning to make her a blanket in our craft group.... never mind I'm sure there's lots of other pussy cats that need them! She's one lucky cat to be taken home by Peter.... he used to see my cats, he really is the best vet in the world & so very nice!