Monday, 16 July 2012

Caring for our kittens

A day with our kittens in our rehoming section...    

8:30am – Breakfast time – Our kittens were all lined up at their pen doors. They start meowing as soon as they hear the food trolley (with squeaky wheels) coming down the corridor. All of our kittens tuck into their breakfast of wet kitten food. Once everyone is fed, there was silence in the kitten corridor.

9 - 11am – In the morning our cat care assistants are very busy cleaning all of the 60 cat pens inside and out in the rehoming section before we open to the public. The kittens spend this time watching our girls collect their breakfast bowls, clean the pen surfaces, change or make their beds, clean litter trays and sweep the floors. It’s just like room service in a hotel for them. Once the CCAs have finished cleaning, our kittens can relax or play games with their toys or with siblings.

12 noonLunchtime for our kittens! All of our kittens start meowing and sitting at the pen doors as soon as they hear the squeaky wheels of the food trolley. Our kittens enjoyed their lunch.

1pm – 2pm – Most of our kittens like to spend their afternoon, playing with their toys outside in their run, play fighting or wrestling. They also enjoy any attention from the CCAs or volunteers who come to visit them. When lots of potential adopters come in to visit them, our kittens are very busy saying hello to everyone. They start playing games and enjoying lots of strokes and tickles from any visitors. There were not many visitors at the centre today, so our kittens had a quiet afternoon. Our CCAs spent some time this afternoon updating their stories for their pen labels and for the internet. These stories give our potential adopters some information about each cat and kitten(s). This afternoon Dexter and Casey were enjoying a fuss; these lucky ones have been reserved and will be going to their new home later this week. Foxglove and Bluebell were very relaxed this afternoon, they also loved strokes and tickles. Gary and Mark were playing with a ping-pong ball with one of our cat care assistants. Trinity and Morpheus were playing with their circuit toy and being filmed for a video to go onto our Youtube channel this week. Some of our more shy kittens need some extra TLC to help them build up their confidence, it's really important our CCAs and volunteers spend time socialising and playing games with these kittens.   

3pm – An hour before Tea. Walking down the kitten corridor at 3pm, all of them were cuddled up to their siblings in bed a sleep. Very quiet and peaceful in their corridor.    

4 - 5pm – Tea time and our CCAs check all of our kittens are comfortable. They check their beds are ok, check they haven’t knocked their water bowls over and to check they are all eating well. Everyone is doing well today; our CCAs leave the building for the night and back for another day tomorrow. 

All of our kittens are looking for homes where they will be loved forever! If you would like to adopt any of our pairs of kittens at Axhayes, please visit our official website at thank you.

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