Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gertie’s Story – Part two

Gertie has been with us for a few weeks now, she’s settling in to cattery life very well. She still needs to see our vet for check ups and she’s been having regular baths to help keep her clean. She has moved into our holding section of the cattery waiting until she is available for re-homing.

On Friday Gertie had a weigh in; she was very thin when she was found a few weeks ago. We are happy to tell you she is doing really well, her regular meals throughout the day are paying off, and she has put on a bit more weight. Yesterday Gertie enjoyed lots of attention; she had many visitors to her pen, volunteers, cat care assistants and our deputy manager Louise who loves her to bits. She is very popular bless her. She sits at the front of her pen when she hears people in the corridor, she is just waiting for someone to open her door and give her a fuss. Once you open her door, she’s purring and paddling her front paws straight away. She is an extremely loving cat.

Her fur is slowly growing back; it’s looking a bit longer and is very fuzzy at the moment (as you can see in her photos). She needed a quick groom yesterday afternoon, to make sure there were no knots or tangles. She loves being groomed and looking her best. We know she will be very beautiful when her fur has fully grown back.

Today Gertie had a quieter day, not many volunteers visiting her. She has been sitting in the outside section of her pen relaxing, enjoying the fresh air and any sunshine which came in. Cat care assistants Michelle and Gemma gave her another bath today, as always she enjoyed the fuss and didn’t mind the soapy water. Once we rinsed off the soap suds, she jumped out of the sink soaking wet and decided started to shake herself off all over the place, including us. She loved Michelle grooming her while she was being dried off. Happily purring and paddling her paws. After smelling nice and clean, we took her back to her pen just in time for tea. She had a special treat for tea time today, some freshly cooked chicken sprinkled on her whiskers meat. Sometimes we treat our cats to freshly cooked chicken from our Axhayes kitchen, which our cats love! Of course Gertie loved the chicken too; she polished it off very quickly.  

We will keep you updated on Gertie's progress at the centre here on the blog and our Facebook page.