Thursday, 28 June 2018

Norman's success story and FIV cats

We currently have five gorgeous FIV positive cats looking for indoor homes. Our boys Lucius, Barney, King, Tony and Socks are hoping they will find loving forever indoor homes of their own. At Cats Protection Exeter Axhayes we home our FIV cats as indoor only cats. The virus over time (may take months or years) will cause the cat to have a weakened immune system and become more susceptible to disease and illness. By keeping them as indoor cats with no other non-FIV cats they can be protected from disease. It can also stop the spread of FIV virus to other cats. Indoor cats are safe from road traffic accidents and other outdoor dangers but they will require lots of interaction and stimulation to ensure they’re hunting behaviours are met.   

Norman in our care April 2017

We thought we’d share our FIV boy Norman’s story to help promote FIV homes. A few weeks ago we received a lovely email from Norman’s owner. Norman arrived back in April 2017 after his owner could no longer afford to keep after a change in circumstances. He was described is very affectionate and loves to curl up on your lap. During routine blood tests at our vets his results came back as being positive for FIV, so he needed to find an indoor home. He was adopted at the start of June 2017, a year later his owner has spent some lovely photos and an update on Norman’s new indoor life with him.....

Happy at home

His owner said “This coming Friday, it will be one year since Norman brought light back into my life – following the passing of the late Wiggy. Although still a little nervous of strangers or sudden movements, Norman has settled into his forever home very well. I cannot imagine life without him and worship him totally.”
Norman's new Catio
“We built him a Catio to help celebrate his Birthday and to give him some secure outdoor space, which he loves very much. We would both thank everyone at Axhayes for everything you do and bringing us together”. As you can see - Norman can enjoy the summer weather out in his new Catio.

Outside in his secure Catio


We would like to thank Norman’s owner for contacting us and allowing us to share his story on our social media. We hope his story will inspire anybody who was thinking about offering an indoor home for any of our wonderful FIV cats. Interested in adopting any of our cats?? Please visit our website at

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