Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Success Story-Cosmo & Comet

We received a lovely email from the owners of this pair of black cats we rehomed last January. They arrived at the centre from one of the local branches and were only with us for just over a week.Their new family are so happy with them and we wanted to share their story with you.
This is what Tamzin had to say...
We've had our cats for a whole year now! (We took them home on January 23rd 2016). They were originally called Cosmo and Comet, but were re-named Willow and Blue immediately.

Whilst I have always liked cats, I would have never said I was a cat-person, but these two have changed our lives; they have been an absolute blessing and have turned our home into a happier one in so many ways.

We couldn't have asked for better cats - they love each other and us. They love to go out hunting... maybe too much (I'm a bit fed up of wiping off smeared blood off the patio door!), but they also just want to be cuddled up to us or each other when they're inside... when they're not climbing into things they shouldn't be! They also have completely different personalities and complement each other brilliantly!

Anyway, I know you have cats come and go all the time, and these 2 didn't stay with you for long, but I just wanted to let you know that they are happy and healthy and amazingly loved, and we feel VERY grateful that there was a facility like yours that enabled us to find them.
If you have a story you would like to share of the cats or kittens you adopted from us, please email us and send some photos to exeteraxhayes@cats.org.uk




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