Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Success story-Lavender

Lavender was one of our long stay cats at the centre last year. She is a 3 year old female who came into care when she was upset by the arrival of her owner’s new baby. She was being kept as an indoor cat and could not escape outside for a break.

Her previous owner had only good things to say about Lavender. She's a sweet, affectionate and playful cat who would love a new home with a safe garden to learn about the outside world.
Originally she was called Guinness but as this wasn't a very feminine name for such a sweet cat, we decided a change of name was needed.
She is one of the few cats who really love to play with water. Every day we would fill her drinking water bowl up with fresh clean water. She would then proceed to dunk her paw in and splash it all around as well as licking it off her paw.

Lavender in her pen

We recently had a lovely email from her new owner Connie and would like to share it with you.

 I just thought I'd email you to let you know that lavender (now known as Mia) is settling in very well as you can see in these photos.
I'm so in love with her!
She can be a bit of a madam but she's very playful & affectionate

She's been quite shy especially with new people, but she's getting much better
I think she has also lost a bit of the weight she put on being in a pen, probably because she runs so fast if she hears the treat bag!

I don't know how she ended up in the centre twice because she's an absolute gem, and thank you for recommending her to me. My partner says she's me in cat form!
Thanks for your help and I'll make sure I donate to cats protection in the future to help more cats like Mia.
If you have a success story we can share on our blog page, please email us some photos and a message about your cat. 
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