Saturday, 23 January 2016

Adopt a Senior “Kittizen"

It’s easy to overlook our “Senior Kittizens” in favour of a younger cat but adopting a golden oldie has its advantages and can be a wonderfully rewarding experience!

What you see is what you get!
Older cats have already developed their personality so there will be no surprise personality traits in the future to deal with.

Older cats are much less destructive!
Kittens and younger cats are more likely to run round your house, knocking things over, chewing things up and scratching your furniture; they are also more likely to have toilet mishaps for you to clean up! Older cats have got over the excitement of youth and are much happier to sit and enjoy your company and a good fuss.

Older cats have more common sense!
Kittens are much more likely to get into trouble, ingest toxic substances, to fall from window ledges and to wander off and get lost. Older cats have learned the lessons of youth and are a better choice for busy families who don’t want the hassle of supervising a young cat for long hours. Older cats are also likely to be much more used to younger children and will be less likely to get injured by them as they will know when it’s time to run and get out of the way!

Cats are living longer!
With advances in veterinary care and more protective and informed owners cats can expect to live way into their teens quite happily, so taking on an older cat doesn’t mean you will have to say your goodbyes too soon; you could have many, many happy years of love and fuss ahead for both of you!

But the most important reason to adopt an older cat is: It might be their last chance to have a forever home.

Used cats aren't like used cars. They aren't at a shelter because they are defective or worn out. They may have simply outlived their former owners or been unable to join them at a hospital, nursing home, or new apartment. Some cats get lost and end up at a shelter. Many are brought to a shelter after a family member develops allergies, or an aversion to the family cat. Why not offer one of our Golden Oldies the retirement home they deserve? Come to Exeter Axhayes and meet our oldies, here are just some of them......
Bartholomew-10 year old  male black & white cat

Bartholomew came to the centre due to a family break up. He came in with 3 other cats so will be able to live with your cats. He is still settling in and is not happy in a pen environment. At his age it's hard to see him without his home comforts. He would like a garden to explore and a chair to curl up on. Could you offer Bart a quiet retirement home?
Chester & Rosie-10 year old male black & white and female tortoiseshell

Rosie and Chester are two delightful senior cats who were brought into the centre when their owners circumstances changed. Being slightly older they are looking for a quieter home where they can have a lap or two to cuddle up on but with a nice outside area for them to safely explore! Can you give these two a loving home to settle down in?
Huckle & Berry-10 year old male black cat and 11 year old female tortoiseshell  
Huckle and Berry came into our care when their owner could no longer look after them. They are a sweet pair cats who would love a new loving home. They would a nice home with safe garden to play and explore in. Could you give these lifelong friends a new forever home?
Emily-14 year old female black & white cat
Emily has spent all summer wondering in a lovely south Devon seaside resort. But now the weather has started to turn she thought she should find a nice warm house to reside in. While Emily has been here she has shown herself to be a very friendly, happy little cat who it just content with life. We all know Emily deserves a proper home with people that will love and care for her. Emily is a calm cat who just needs a quiet life, we are sure she will not cause any trouble. Please take her home today.

Paddy-17 year old female black cat
Paddy is our oldest cat at the centre, at the age of seventeen this is really no place for her. She should be in a loving home curled up by the fire this winter instead of being in a pen. She came here in October when her owner had to move into a house where Paddy wasn’t allowed. She is looking for a quiet forever home where can be free to do her own thing, although she is friendly and sweet, she has an independent nature too. She has been used to a garden but doesn’t like to go too far. She has been ok with neighbouring cats in the area, so she could possibly live with other cats. Could you take Paddy home?

Patti-14 year old female black cat
Patti is here sadly because her elderly owner went into residential care. She has come to us from another CP branch which she went to back in April. Patti can be a little grouchy at times, we put this down to being fed up in a pen. Patti needs a warm, quiet home were she can just relax. She is not fond of other cats or dogs. As long as she has warmth and regular meals she is happy. We all hope she will find the perfect old cats home soon.
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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Text Donations

You can now donate £3 to Cats Protection Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre via Text Message. Simply text CATS25 to 70660 we will receive your £3 donation. We will receive 100% of your £3 donation, this will go towards helping our cats and kittens here at the adoption centre. Thank you very much for your support and generosity

Please note: - Text costs £3 plus network charge. Cats Protection receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer’s permission. Customer Care Number 0800 917 2287. Charity No. 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland).

Thank you to everyone who has donated via Text message since we launched it end of last year. All of the money raised will go straight to helping cats and kittens at our centre.