Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Emily and Mary Appeal

We received a letter from Wynn, who was Emily and Mary’s friend, she was adopted beginning January and we thought it would be great if you could see how she has settled, we are sure that Mary and Emily will be the same if someone special will give them the chance of the loving new home they deserve....

Emily, Mary and Wynn

“A big Hello to you all at the Cats Protection.  

Just a short note to let you know that I am settling in really well in my new home with my new friend John.

He was a bit of a beginner to start with but I have soon set him right. I have made him move my bed a couple of times and tried to change his carpet into a shag pile. I kind of like that.  He has taught me to use my scratching post now (or a least I let him think he did).  He likes to pick me up and I let him do that if I am in the mood for a little cuddle.  I like the idea of being a lap cat. 
I think he likes to crawl around on the floor with me, which he calls Kitty play time, but to be quite honest with you, well really it’s just an excuse for him to play.

 I like lying on the radiator and guess what; he turned the heat down so that I would not overheat my paws.  Come on....I’m a cat and a very happy one. 

 I spend most of the day watching from a large window, in the evenings play with my toys.  I know John wanted me to send you a picture, which I will do when he is out of the house, this internet thing is so much fun...... and if I never make a lap cat ....I will be a laptop cat. !!!!!

 Love Winnie”     xx



If you would like more information about adopting her friends Emily and Mary please get in touch with us via our website Thank you.

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