Friday, 25 April 2014

Duke-a cat of fine breeding down on his luck

Meet Duke, our loveable 5 year old ginger and white Persian boy
 who is looking for a new home where he will be spoilt rotten.


Duke the day he arrived at the centre


He has a new funky hair cut as his fur was so matted and dirty when he came to us;
the vet had no choice but to shave it off.

After his trip to the furdressers!

In a couple of months his fur will grow back and he will look fluffy and handsome once again.

He’s very friendly, playful and loves attention; he would really like a home with someone who will be around all of time to keep him company. He hasn't been with us very long but the staff have all found him very sweet natured and wanting affection. He will need extra portions of food to build him up to a healthy weight and regular grooming to keep his existing fur looking good and for the new growth of fur to be kept tangle free.

Did you know...

It is thought that Persian cats came from Asia and didn’t arrive in Europe until the 16th century. Their long coat needs grooming every day or it gets tangled. There are lots of Persian breeds; including the White Persian, Black Persian, Peke-faced Persian, Cameo Persian and Smoke Persian. They are now amongst the most popular breed of cats and are well known for their gentle and sweet personalities that fit into most types of home as they are such good companions and get along with everyone including children. They enjoy laying around being admired and don't like to jump and climb as much as other types of cat.

How can you resist those pleading eyes!


If you are looking for a fabulous companion and have experience with keeping Persian cats, then Duke is the cat for you! 

You could be his 'Duchess' and after the ordeal he has been through, he really deserves to be treated like royalty.

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