Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jellaby a.k.a Mr Snuggles

If you have visited our centre recently, you may have met Jellaby our handsome ginger boy. He came into Axhayes back in November as a stray; he was very frightened at first. He is a very sweet boy but found life in a pen a bit difficult. Our CCA Carolyne has been helping him build up his confidence by taking him to a quiet area of the centre and socialising with him. Over the past few months Jellaby’s confidence has grown, he loves curling up on a lap and having tickles under his chin. He loves to snuggle into you and head butt your chin, one of our girls has nicknamed him “Mr Snuggles”. He is a very affectionate and loving boy who adores hugs and kisses. If you like hugs and kisses and don’t mind a bit of drool then Jellaby is perfect!

He is much happier now in his pen, our girls and volunteers have been showing him that being in a pen isn’t so bad. He no longer runs away outside when people come to visit him, instead he climbs up onto your shoulder for a cuddle and snuggles up to you. We are so pleased with his progress and we know he’s going to make a great companion. Today he enjoyed cuddles with Carolyne, but he loves cuddling her so much, he didn't want to let go. He doesn’t like walking on the floor, it’s a bit scary for him at first. She has been encouraging him to walk around on the floor and follow her around the corridor. Now he thinks it’s not so bad and happily walked around greeting a few people. Here's a video of him below with CCA Carolyne a few months ago enjoying cuddles.

We are hoping someone will fall in love with Jellaby soon and take him home. Jellaby is looking for a home in a safe area with a nice garden to explore in. He also needs a family who will be gentle and patient with him, and let him take all the time he needs to settle into a new home. If you are interested in Jellaby please get in touch with us. For more information, please visit our website www.axhayes.cats.org.uk. Thank you.  

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