Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy Ending - Buttons, Didley and Roberta!

Last month one of our loveable oldies Buttons found a new home! He wasn’t alone and was joined by his new friends Didley and Roberta. You may remember Buttons came to Axhayes after his owner was taken in care. He became very popular with our girls and soon joined us in the office during the day. He loved being around people, walking on desks for kisses/head butts, sleeping on our chairs and getting himself into mischief like hiding in any open cupboards.

Didley is another one of our loveable oldies who had a lot of upheaval in his life. He was originally found in a flat by an estate agent, he had a few homes and somewhere along the line his jaw was injured when he got hit by a car. His tongue and bottom tooth would stick out which our girls at the centre thought was very endearing! This lovely boy has finally found the loving forever home he deserves. They were joined by Roberta our very pretty lady who’s a bit of a princess and loves to be centre of attention. She was also looking for someone to give her a second chance and love her forever.

We were delighted to receive an email from their new owners; all three cats are getting on just fine and all happily settled in to their new home.

We would like to thank their new owners for sending us these lovely photos and giving these guys a home. Another happy ending for our cats! Interested in giving an Axhayes cat or kitten a loving forever home? Please visit our official website or facebook page for more information.  

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