Sunday, 25 November 2012

Please Help Felix

Poor Felix has been flooded out of his foster home – he needs your help.  

The weather in the South-west and Exeter has been really terrible this past week. Thankfully our centre has been left intact, we’re very fortunate our building is on high ground and our CCAs have all made it to Axhayes despite many roads being closed due to flooding. We have also been very lucky to continue rehoming our cats and kittens this week. One of our long-stayers Felix has returned to Axhayes ahead of schedule this week. Sadly due to this horrendous weather we’ve had, Di’s family home (where Felix has been staying) was flooded on Wednesday morning and it will be several weeks before it is safe for him to live there again.  

Our CCA Diane has been his foster mum since January and she has really enjoyed sharing her home with him. When he came to the centre one year ago, he had a wound on his neck which was taking a long time to heal. When he stayed on our admissions section, he wore a little leather boot, to stop him scratching his wound. He became increasingly unhappy in his pen and his wound just wasn’t making much progress. After a couple of months, Felix moved in with Di. He started off wearing socks to prevent him from scratching his neck; he then began to wear colourful jumpers to wear to help protect his neck wound. These jumpers have allowed his wound to heal over time and don’t bother him at all. He is now going through a trail period without it and so far so good.

Felix when he first came into Axhayes

We are now desperately looking for a home for Felix. He’s a lovely chatty, affectionate cat, he needs a quiet stress free environment, He’s looking for a forever home with a patient, caring owner who is able to continue with his daily medication and make sure that he is kept on his special diet. He’s not keen on other cats so need to be your only cat but he has been ok living with a dog for the last ten months. He loves company, so it would be great if you were retired or working from home and can keep an eye on him. He is not much of a lap cat and is not keen on being picked up but enjoys sitting and sleeping with you.


Please help him to get out of here soon as he is not happy in a pen. If you are interested in finding out more about this lovely 7 year old cat, please speak to a member of staff. Our CCA Di is one of our social media editors and is happy answer any questions you might have about him via our Facebook page. For more information about our adoption process, please contact us on 01395 232377, thank you.

Keep your cats safe if there’s actually a flood warning….
-          Keep your cat carriers to hand and check you have enough food and medication to last 
-          Keep familiar toys dry with their smells of home on it, this will help reduce stress
-          Think about taking your cat(s) to a family member of friend who lives away from the flood risk area until the danger has passed.
-          Put all documents such as vaccination records, your vet’s details and your pet’s microchip number in a sealed bag with any other important documents.
-          Keep up to date with the lastest information, local radio, TV or call Floodline 0845 988 1188.  
If disaster strikes…
-          If at all possible, don’t leave your pets behind, even if you think that you’ve created a safe place for them – it could be several days before you can make it back home.
-          If you have no choice but to leave your pets behind, shut them inside an upstairs room with plenty of food and water
-          Leave notices outside your home to alert RSPCA or your local flood warden that there are pets inside
-          Put cats into suitable carrier with a warm blanket.
-          Remember to take your cat’s food, water, bowls, medication and bedding with you.
(Courtesy of The Blue Cross Flood advice)   

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