Monday, 22 October 2012

Zen and Zorba our water loving kittens!

Who said cats don’t like water? These cheeky brothers can’t seem to get enough of water! They are just fascinated by it! Each and every morning on holding/Admissions we find Zen and Zorba have most of the water in their bowl is all over their pen. We often have to clear up these puddles of water and change their wet blankets daily. We gave them a china bowl, as it’s much heavier, but this hasn’t stopped them. Their new trick of the week is to move the water bowl (spilling it a long the way) around their pen. Their favourite location is to push the bowl in front of the cat flap and run through it when they go in and out. When they greet you, you’re met with soaking wet paws and tails! We still love their antics!

Zen and Zorba have recently moved to rehoming, they are now waiting for someone to choose them. So far they are being well behaved with their water bowl. We think in a home they will love running taps and puddles!  

Did you know?

Some breeds of cat including Bengals, Turkish vans, Maine Coons really enjoy water activity ranging from pawing water from bowls, drinking from a dripping tap, joining you in the shower or even swimming in the pool.

Interested in these two and you live in the Exeter area? Please visit our website at for more information. Thank you.

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