Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Black Cat Day - 25th October

Help black cats in Exeter improve their luck...

Cats Protection’s Exeter Axhayes Adoption centre is holding its annual National Black Cat Day on Thursday 25th October to encourage more people to adopt unwanted black moggies.

The charity aims to raise awareness of the plight of black cats which tend to lose out on homes to more colourful varieties.

Nationally, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity currently has around 1,300 black cats in its care and says that homes are far less easy to find for black cats than other felines. We currently have approximately 30 black cats and kittens at Axhayes. We have 16 black cats and kittens in our homing section, ready to find new homes. On Saturday 27th October we will be hosting a Halloween Spooktacular at the centre, please come along and say hello to our black cats and kittens.

To raise awareness, the charity is encouraging people to upload pictures and stories of their own black cats our Facebook page www.facebook.com/cpexeteraxhayes or our national Cats Protection Facebook page www.facebook.com/catsprotection.

Here are some of our black cats and kittens looking for homes…..  

2 year old male black cat

Time and patience is what this little cat is in need of. He has come to us as a stray so we have absolutely no history about him. All we do know is that he has spent sometime living on his wits. He is so young and life has already been incredibly tough. We are sure that with the right care and affection he will become a great pet as he is already showing some promise, he had a small abscess on his shoulder and there was never any problems he just let us wash it. He is a star.

6 year old female black cat

Thanks to a very thoughtful person I was bought to the centre after I was found homeless and hungry. As you can see I am a very beautiful girl, if I may say so myself and i am looking for someone who appreciates just how amazing I am! I am very playful and affectioante and am looking for a home where I will be loved and spoilt like I deserve! If you feel like you are what im looking for than please take me home today and I promise I will love you forever!!

Puddle duck and Waggle dance
5 month old male black kittens

Me and my brother were bought into the centre with our mum, after she was forced to give birth to us on the streets. We are energetic, playful and very curious! This is why we would like a nice safe garden so that we can explore the outside world safely away from dangerous roads and traffic. After we have finished playing we love to snuggle down and sleep so we would love a nice warm home, with a loving family, to be able to do all this. So all we need now is your love!!

2 month old male black kitten

This poor little chap was made an orphan after his mother was sadly involved in a road accident. A kind lady contacted us and he came in to us hoping to find a loving family. Bamboo is quite a character, he’s a typical lively youngster, loves attention, he loves playing and also he loves to sit on shoulders. He needs a home in away from busy roads and traffic so he can safely play and explore the world around him. Can you give this loveable cheeky chap the home he deserves?

6 month old male black kitten

Handsome little man who was found half starved in somebody's shed; he is such a friendly affectionate chap it makes you wonder how on earth he could ever have got into that predicament anyway. He would love a new family to take him home, will you pass him by or will he be the one for you?

If you would like to adopt any of our lucky black cats or kittens please contact us on 01395 232377 or please visit our official website www.axhayes.cats.org.uk for more information, thank you. 

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