Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Gertie’s Story – Part one

We would like to introduce you to our adorable Persian Gertie. Before coming to Axhayes poor Gertie was found as a stray wandering around with no place to call home and in an appalling state. Her fur was so matted and dirty; the vets had no choice but to shave off her fur on her body. In a couple of months her hair will grow back long and fluffy again. We think she may have been neglected for quite some time before she was found. She is currently in our admissions section of the centre, where she’s getting plenty of TLC from the girls and seeing our vet. Gertie is extremely affectionate, she loves cuddles and attention. Our cat care assistants Therese and Vicky who care for her have given her warm girly blankets on her bed where she can relax and she has regular meals to help build up her weight. Gertie is very popular with our staff at the centre, she has regular visits from the girls so she has lots of attention.

This afternoon Gertie had another bath. Her fur on her legs and tail is still dirty; she needs a bit of help to get them clean again. Gertie enjoyed being made a fuss of, she was quite happy sitting in the soapy water (purring – bless her) and letting us lather up her paws and tail. Once she was cleaned, to stop her feeling cold, she was dried on a low heat with a hair dryer. Her fur then needed a comb to get rid of any tangles. She loved this so much she was purring and paddling her paws. Gertie just loves attention and being with people, and of course looking her best after her bath. 

Gertie is not currently up for adoption, she still needs lots of care and to see our vet. We will keep you updated on her progress at the centre here on the blog and our Facebook page.   

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