Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Axhayes Kitten update – Daisy’s kittens

Our star kittens Dandelion, Violet, Bluebell and Foxglove were busy last week filming for their next youtube film. All of the kittens have been used to the camera on them by now, they act natural. Bluebell and Foxglove were playing with their favourite toy; Violet was showing the world just how cute she is while Dandelion was playing with her tail and various toys in their pen. Last weekend Daisy has gone to live with a nice family. She is a very lucky mummy to find a home so quickly.

Yesterday our kittens were enjoying the warm weather. These kittens are the lucky ones staying on the sunny side of the cattery. They enjoyed batting ping-pong balls around the outside of their pen, laying in the sunshine and playing their favourite game of play fighting. Dandelion loves to ambush Violet by pouncing on her. They had a quick health check and weigh in the afternoon by CCA's Diane and Gemma. We do this to check they are gaining weight and monitoring their general health. All of our kittens are doing well, all happy and healthy.

An hour before tea time, our famous four were given some circuit toys to play with. One of these toys is in an “S” shape and the other in a doughnut shape; these circuits both have a ball inside. Dandelion and Violet were curious, started to play with it straight away. Bluebell and Foxglove were much more enthusiastic with their strange new toy; both kittens were chasing the ball around and around and around. Both of them were pouncing on the ball at the same time. (please watch their videos above and below). We like to give our cats and kittens different toys and play games with them. It’s important we play games with our cats and kittens, it helps them get some exercise, reduces boredom and playing releases endorphins. These endorphins make our kittens very happy kittens! 

Daisy’s kittens are still at the centre just waiting for someone to take them home, please contact us on 01395 232377, if you are interested in adopting any of them. Please watch their newest youtube film "The Life of an Axhayes kitten - part two" on our youtube channel. We will keep you updated about their adventures at the centre.

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